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Brilliant interview. Confirms what I already knew about the history of Germany, the Azov Battalion and the Ashkenazi.

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Lara Logan on the Ukraine grift and the corporate media false narrative:


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What if Tucker, Trump, RFK Jr and the article above is true and we are being manipulated?

Let us assume what they say is true for the sake of the moment - If you were Putin, what would you do?

Like Tucker, RFK, and so many others I am re-examining all of my previous assumptions.

Corporate media has been the pawn of big money interests since the 1960's at least, only now are people realizing how corrupt it is. I think we need to re-examine everything from top to bottom.

And let is accept that accusation that Putin is a rather ruthless man.

That said, is Putin wrong that we promised not to move NATO east towards the Russian border? No, as there are a dozen US/NATO officials on the record from that time making the promise.

Also, Russia said for decades that they will not tolerate NATO in Ukraine, as Russia has been invaded via Ukraine three times. Russia lost 27 million people just from the German invasion.

Is the diplomatic word of the United States worth nothing? Would we allow nukes in Cuba?

What if the diplomatic attempts Russia made towards the West were rejected because the Military Industrial Complex needed a baddie and the CCP needed us not focusing on them?

Because Putin is a ruthless guy does it actually invalidate the facts stated above?

Like I said, we need to reassess and reexamine everything.

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