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Will soon post about censorship and how to end it for ever:

Weaponization of searches

Google’s ephemeral experiences (permanent algorithmic customization) can shift 180° the public perception of political candidates:

“We conducted a progressive series of five randomized, controlled, counterbalanced, double-blind experiments to determine what effect differential suppression of this type might have on voters. We found that negative suggestions attract far more clicks than neutral or positive ones, consistent with extensive research on negativity bias, and that the differential suppression of negative search suggestions can turn a 50/50 split among undecided voters into more than a 90/10 split favoring the candidate for whom negative search suggestions were suppressed. We conclude that differentially suppressing negative search suggestions can have a dramatic impact on the opinions and voting preferences of undecided voters, potentially shifting a large number of votes without people knowing and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.” 1

In 2016, Google probably shifted 10 million votes2, in 2020, 6 million votes3 and in 2024, possibly 25 million.4

Global Election Interference

16 Feb 2024. Proof of masonic cartelization: alleged competitors, Adobe, Amazon, Anthropic, ARM, ElevenLabs, Google, IBM, Inflection AI, LinkedIn, McAfee, Meta, Microsoft, Nota, OpenAI, Snap, Stability AI, TikTok, TrendMicro, TruePic, X and more, coincidentally met together in Munich and instantly decided to work together (as if they hadn’t before).

Alleged goal: combating fake news created with AI images, audio or videos, called “Deceptive AI Election Content” and “Continuing to engage with a diverse set of global civil society organizations, academics”.

Real goal: censor any information (fake or real) that favors independent candidates, while promoting anything (fake or real) that favors the more controlled candidates.

Proof? blatant lies from the proven censors such as:

“Google has been supporting election integrity for years, and today’s accord reflects an industry-side commitment against AI-generated election misinformation that erodes trust.”

IBM: “Disinformation campaigns are not new, but in this exceptional year of elections – with more than 4 billion people heading to the polls worldwide – concrete, cooperative measures are needed to protect people and societies from the amplified risks of AI-generated deceptive content.”

Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp): “This work is bigger than any one company and will require a huge effort across industry, government and civil society.” 5

Is the elite for depopulation or extermination of us, the “useless eaters”?


Bill Gates, raunchy rancher

The plan? slo-poison us!


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Glenn Beck is great! However, I still want #ChuckNortonForPrez2028

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